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One of the best-rated nursing schools in Bangalore, the Raman Nursing School excels as a center of learning and training. Over the years, the school has turned out thousands of successful graduate nurses who are now serving the healthcare industry all over India. The Raman School of Nursing boasts of state-of-the-art facilities, nationally renowned faculty and a wide selection of programs. The degrees we furnish our students at the competition of their courses are recognized all over India. 

Our Accreditations 

Known all over Bangalore as a prestigious nursing school, the Raman School of Nursing is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the government of Karnataka. Furthermore, we are affiliated to the Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Board. The Karnataka State Nursing Council approves us too. That makes our school one among the top nursing schools in Bangalore GNM.

Our Courses

Since it’s opening in 2019, we have been dedicated to offering beginners and advanced nursing degrees to students. Serving over thousands of students a year, Raman School of Nursing brings to aspiring nurses a wide selection of choice in degrees. We have the associate’s degree programs which do not take longer than a year as well as four year university degrees that offer complete education and training on nursing. We issue career certificates to all enrolled students on completion of their courses that make their resume hire-worthy to the healthcare institutions of the country.

Like all the best diploma nursing schools in Bangalore, we also have innovative online programs for those who have a day job and do not have the luxury of attending a school during usual hours. If you are living outside Bangalore or looking to take a good nursing course online, our organization has the best options for you. We have courses that prepare the students to serve on the front lines of health care. Through our courses, you can be a registered nurse at a hospital, and with some experience a head nurse in similar organizations. Our education will keep you ahead in the fast changing domain of health care.

Affordable Tuition

Raman School of Nursing prides on its affordable tuition rates. We are one of the very few nursing school in Bangalore that offers diploma courses at very affordable tuition rates. Our aim is to make learning affordable for you. So, we keep our course fees at a minimal so that enrolling with us does not require you to take out a massive loan out of the bank. You can enroll with us on select programs at very easy monthly tuition rates. We have various payment schemes which make it further easy to afford our courses. We also offer tuition discounts all who are eligible for them.

So, if your aspiration is to go to one of the top 10 nursing schools in Bangalore, enroll with Raman School of Nursing for we offer our students the very best of nursing education and training in the city.

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