Raman College of Pharmacy

Raman College of Pharmacy

The Raman Pharmacy College was established in the year 1985 under the management of Raman Education Trust & presently run by Bhavani working women’s welfare Trust (R) chaired by Prof.Sanjay Jegarkal Since 2004. 

The Raman college of Pharmacy is one of the few colleges in the country that prepares students to be confident, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals. At Raman College of Pharmacy, the faculty is constantly at the service of the students trying to whet their skills and prepare them to serve the pharmaceutical industry to the best of their abilities. Our community programs are designed to help students garner knowledge and experience that are integral to professional success in pharmacology. 

Founded in 1985, the college is one of the oldest in the Bangalore area. Approved by PCI, ours is also the best-rated PCI approved pharmacy college in Bangalore, and there are very few like it in the city. 

Our Programs 

Our college has both on-campus as well as online courses through which you can explore a wide variety of career choices in the field of pharmacology. Furthermore, students in their final years are allowed to choose their area of specialty depending on their interests and strengths which they can pursue through advanced degrees in the future.

Unlike very few pharmacy colleges in Bangalore, the Raman College holds small size classes for all courses. This enables us to maintain focused attention to each and every student in a class. Our faculty is full of distinguished teachers and professors, many of whom are nationally recognized in the field of academia. Through their knowledge and experience, we prepare our students to be the future stars of the pharmaceutical industry of India. 

The Academic Experience at Raman College of Pharmacy 

As a diploma pharmacy college in Bangalore, we like to blend education with adequate practice. With that, we balance experience and science in our courses, an approach that has helped us build an in-depth knowledge base for our students. What we want for our students is to be successful in the field of pharmacy and to that end, we try to deliver the ultimate academic experience for them. The students at our college learn through module-based programs which include elaborate coursework and hands-on training. In the end, our aim is to bring to the students a wealth of experience from the field of pharmacology and engage them in research works with the college faculty. 

Raman college of pharmacy

The Research Opportunities for Students 

The Raman College, the top D pharmacy college in Bangalore also offers its students plenty of research opportunities in a wide range of areas. We orchestrate and support research like very few other colleges in Bangalore. We welcome our students to join the faculty in research pursuits. They have our professors’ full support in such initiatives. Once you start your research work under your academic advisor, you are welcome to complete your work alongside your coursework. Our resources will be accessible to you at all times through the term of your degree.

We call all undergrads and graduates to join our courses at the Raman School of Pharmacy to make an entry into the field of pharmacy. As the best college for pharmacy in Bangalore, we assure you the best education and training.


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