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Raman Group of Institutions is a welfare trust based in Bangalore, India. Founded in the last century, the group established its pharmacy college in 1985 under the Raman Education Trust, which is one of the oldest pharmacy Colleges in the city of Bangalore today. Rated the best nursing School in Bangalore, over thousands of students have graduated from the pharmacy college since 1985. In 2020, the college celebrated its 35 years of tradition, dedication, and excellence in pharmacological education. 

Currently, the Raman Group of Institutions is administered by the Bhavani Working Women Welfare in Bangalore. The chairperson of the trust is Prof. Sanjay Jegarkal who has been operating the trust since 2004. 

As an institution, the board is committed to turning out highly skilled pharmacists, nurses, and paramedics who would be invaluable to the medical professional. The colleges under the company offer accredited programs through full-time courses. Students at the Raman colleges receive both classroom training and hands-on lab and clinical works. 

We ensure a high supporting learning system for our students that sees to it that every student enrolled with us receive the right kind of guidance and encouragement they require to be a productive member of the health industry. They are given hands-on training and imparted knowledge during the course. We measure the learning outcomes through sporadic tests and exams. 

Presently, under the management of our Bhavani Working Women Welfare Trust, we have a nursing school, a pharmacy college and a Institute of Paramedical Science. Each of these schools offers certified programs in their respective fields. The Raman Pharmacy College is the best pharmacy college in Bangalore

As a company involved in education, we believe that paramedic science, nursing and pharmacology are disciplines that are devoted to the promotion of health of individuals and families and by extension entire communities. Each of these subjects requires proper integration of both skills and knowledge, especially by professors and teachers of distinguished knowledge. At our colleges, our students receive evidence-based practices and education that train them to care for individuals to ensure their optimum health. 

At Raman colleges, the students learn how to assess, analyze, plan and implement. At our paramedical science Institute, which is rated the best paramedical science college in Bangalore learn how to collaborate with the patient and their family to chart and deliver a plan of care that meets all their needs. We aim to teach them ways and strategies to care for patients that serve them through health and illness. 

We are bringing you a 15 years countdown to the 50th anniversary of our first college. Serving thousands of students at our academic centers, we try to give our students a wide selection of choices in programs. We have short-term courses as well as full-term ones, all of which provide career certificates at the end of the term. We educate our students in the chosen discipline with the best teaching staff in the city, but above all, we prepare them to enter their respective fields of work and be a part of the workforce with dedication and know-how.   


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